Death Threat by StumbleUpon Engineer

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Just yesterday I published a post that bluntly criticizes the many shortcomings of StumbleUpon. A few hours ago I got the first reaction by StumbleUpon staff. No, they didn’t ask me how they can help me, a self proclaimed StumbleUpon engineer send me a death threat.

Death threats on StumbleUpon have been pretty common over the years but now we know why they never tackled the issue, they send out death threats themselves.

Also this person, who uses only a pseudonym “benadamx”, and who obviously never has heard of me before, calls me a “spammer” and “SEO scammer”.

Here is what he wrote [sic!]:

.. dead to spammers and SEO scammers, anyway.

Viva StumbleUpon!

Now this is what I call customer service! They never replied when I complained about death threats unless I suggested to write an article about it for Mashable. Now we know why.