How to Use StumbleUpon Without the Toolbar

How to Use StumbleUpon Without the Toolbar

Can you use StumbleUpon without the toolbar? Yes, of course you can, but why should you and how can you do it? Aren’t there limitations? What are the benefits? Why should you stop using the StumbleUpon toolbar? It can mess…

My 20 Friends at StumbleUpon

As I am continously gaining popularity on StumbleUpon at a fast pace I wanted to take a break and introduce to you my by now 20 friends at StumbleUpon. Those stumblers are the creme de la creme of the Net….

Global Perspective: Making Money Online – How Much Do You Need?

Thinking about the “make money online” craze I asked myself whether it makes sense. Then I realized that the question to ask must be: Where does making money online make sense? In some countries and territories (India?) it most probably…

10 Things You Love about Iran

[List updated with your submissions!] If you listen to western media you tend to believe that people in Iran hate Jews kill homosexuals oppress women want to destroy Israel and Europe with nuclear weapons are all armed and fanatical Even…

I’m on Iranian Digg!

I’m on Iranian Digg!

This is incredible! I’m on Iranian Digg, or rather Reddit as this social news site called Balatarin has apparently a “+” and a “-” button. I’m at least as proud as the last time when I was big in China….

The Greatest Website of the World

If the Internet would be disbanded and shut down completely tomorrow and you were only allowed to keep one functioning website, which one would you take? Do not tell me your homepage, Google or Digg, I mean a website that…

How Blogging Made Me Famous in Less Than 3 Weeks

The SEO 2.0 blog is 3 weeks old by now. Already, I am kind of famous. It is of course somewhat a proof of concept. I want to practice what I preach and know myself if it and how it…

Top 7 Ways To Crash Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer aka Exploder is a funny browser. Even a guy like myself who is no hacker at all can crash it with ease, at least version 6 (IE6). In fact one line of code is enough, even less….

Call me Tad

I am still overwhelmed by the global impact my article has. Links and translations from all over the world still pour in. Some of the most influential weblogs out there linked my post and even this blog here. In Poland…

Blog Rock & Roll

After two weeks of blogging at SEO 2.0 I already found several like minded people with outstanding blogs I have never before heard of. Some of them are pretty new, others are just too good to become well known as…

11 Examples of SEO 2.0

Why explain what SEO 2.0 is, if you can give examples of it? So here is a list of SEO 2.0 examples in no particular order. Link bait done right is very SEO 2.0 Reputation management is SEO 2.0 WordPress…

Map of the Internet

Map of the Internet

Well, this is a subway map of the Internet. I like it. Download it on Flickr.