Top 10 SEO 2.0 Definitions

While the term SEO 2.0 is not new, those who already used it define it in various differing ways. Before I bring up my own definition of SEO 2.0 I want to create an overview of what others say. 1….

10 Reasons Why You Don’t Need to Read Matt Cutts’ Blog

First lesson of SEO 2.0: You do not need to read Matt Cutts’ blog. I never do unless someone points me to a post that in most cases just confirms what I knew, read or thought before. Why? Let me…

SEO Is Dead! Long Live SEO 2.0!

SEO Is Dead! Long Live SEO 2.0!

* SEO is dead! Long live SEO 2.0! I’m sick and tired of Search Engine Optimization. Well, many people are, you might argue. But with me, it’s different. I am a search engine optimizer myself and I won’t quit but…