Blogging at Night


You can blog like you go to work. You can do it with passion too. I’ve been blogging here with passion for a while and then it turned into work later on. Recently my passion returns though. How do I know? I’m blogging at night.

Instead of mindlessly pinning images on Pinterest I usually do when I get too tired to get anything done I blog.

It’s almost 11PM here. I know, for many people that’s not really at night. As I get older I can’t stay up that long anymore. I’m also looking forward to the next morning because I’m eager to get up early enough for my parkour workout. Still I can’t stop myself from writing right now.

Do you blog at night as well sometimes? Or do you just blog 9 to 5 during business hours?

Do you even check comments or visit social media during the weekend? Blogging is not really work in case you do it right, with passion. You can get inspired any time. You can’t just blog during day time. Ask yourself: are you considering blogging merely a job like any other or is you heart aching to blog?

Blogging is not a great career choice. Only a few people can earn a lot as bloggers.

Any other job earns more money. So in case you are solely blogging for money, quit. Otherwise blog whenever the passion overcomes you and makes you write, during the day or at night. Working on the weekend is awful. I make time for blogging though. I’m in love.

When I was a teenager I used to write my name on walls at night. Graffiti made me feel excited. Now this is my writing on the wall.

* Creative Commons image by illum.