Blog vs Dog 0:1


My dog by armaggesin.

You might have wondered why SEO 2.0 has been so silent over 2009. I’ve promised much but couldn’t make it all happen. That’s life.

I got a puppy in early 2009 and that has changed my life.

During the first two months I had to go on a walk each hour and still the dog’s pee or poo ended up on the floor, in many cases stinking in my room for a while before I discovered it entering the room.

On the other hand a dog makes you move.

The stationary lifestyle of a geeky SEO blogger doesn’t make much sense for your body.

A dog is the healthiest choice you can make.

My dog is now one year old and instead of having to go for a walk every hour, every two or three hours I only have to go out 3 times a day, only once during business hours. So, as you can imagine, I have more time to blog again. The blog vs dog game starts anew. In 2010 the blog will probably win.

My mind hasn’t been completely off business blogging. In September I’ve almost managed to get a full fledged sponsor for the blog. I wanted to make it more popular again before I make my final offer but failed to spare enough time to do so. Two well known SEO companies were willing to sponsor me though. Maybe I manage this year.

I’ve considered 3 other ways to finance this blog so that I can keep blogging here without having to work more for money on other projects.

  1. crowdfunding/microfinance
  2. additional services
  3. paid content/premium features

As you might know I blog at 3 other business blogs for clients, two German ones not related to SEO (one about gadgets, one about cycling) and of course the fabulous Oxford SEO company SEOptimise. So I’m still learning more and more on how to blog for money and so that money gets earned, both for me and the clients. It works quite well for all 3 of them.

I’d like to share more insights on how profitable business blogging works in future. I know I have promised it last year already but then I still did not know yet that I would become a dog owner. In fact I had been wary of dogs for years during my youth and

at 20 I have even been bitten by a small black dog.

I didn’t get hurt but this in a way confirmed my aversion to dogs. Now guess what color and size my dog is?

A few months ago I have even started to write a post called “7 Business of Blogging Clues a Puppy Can Teach You” but never finished it due to my manifold obligations. I guess I will finish it now.

In case you ask yourself whether I will introduce one of my three blog financing models I favor #1 and #2. I won’t make you pay for straight blog content. I might find a way to offer you something you might want o pay for though. I might start by crowdfunding an ebook.

What do you think: Would you pay a few dollars for an upcoming SEO 2.0 ebook? I’d prefer to keep free or rather donation based instead of selling it afterwards for a fixed amount of money.

I can’t follow in the footsteps of SEOMoz or SEO Book though. I won’t offer tools or forums. I have to come up with my own model that will fit me personally best.