Arizona SEO Experts Against Racism


Would you stop this guy from entering Arizona?

I don’t read the news. It makes me sick. Sometimes you can’t ignore the bad news though. They creep in from all over the place, Twitter, Facebook etc. One of the ugliest news recently has been the racist policies of Arizona. The aim of racial profiling and other racist measures is to prevent Mexican and other refugees from entering the US and staying there.

I don’t want to argue here about why made up terms like “illegal immigrants” do not make sense and why hunting refugees like animals and imprisoning them or even letting them die is wrong. I live in a city that has a long history of a bloody border, Berlin. The so called 136 wall deaths were just a few though compared to the hundreds of casualties of the inhumane border regime in the US. In Arizona alone people are dying by the hundreds every year.

I know I have many readers from the US including fellow SEO experts from Arizona. I want you, Arizona SEO experts to speak out on behalf of the desperate refugees and against the racist policies of your regional government.

Let the world know that not all people in Arizona hate immigrants.

Let the world know that SEO professionals have a sense of decency and support human rights.

I repeat, I don’t want to discuss those policies or read arguments why the immigrants should die instead of entering the United States. Racism is not an opinion, it’s a crime. I will delete such comments. Spread your hate and petty excuses elsewhere. I want SEO experts to speak out and to make a positive effort.

The whole issue sickens me and I can’t take it no more. In case you work for an SEO company in Arizona or are an independent SEO consultant there voice support for the cause in the comment section. All SEO pros who add their full name and SEO website URL will be added to this post. In other words they get an authority link in this post.

I may be a fake Mexican with a ridiculous sombrero but that doesn’t mean I can ignore the situation in Arizona.