After Blogging Success: 5 New Frontiers

Success has one disadvantage: Once it’s there, you take it for granted and get bored! With social media and blogging

  • once your content gets shared daily even if you do not write something you deem worthy being shared
  • once you get over 1000 visitors daily for a couple of days
  • once you end up on the front page of your favorite niche social news community with every post that is submitted
  • once women start to love you because of your blog
  • and people start to beg you to work for you for free

you start to look for a new frontier. Especially if you do not want to go pro as in problogging or not yet. Of course I exaggerate a bit but you get the point do you? Do you want to retain this warm feeling inside your guts while blogging?

In case you want to keep the fun of blogging without making it your work, what can you do?

  1. Address the people who are most thankful: Normally your subscribers, but also watch external audiences from various media. For instance people from Poland or Germany hate me. I was born in Poland and live in Germany where I also contributed very much to the social media there but I got no love in return. In contrast, the international search engine optimization audience as well as many bloggers have proved to be a great audience. Guess whom I will tout more in future?
  2. Share your success not only by bragging but by truly sharing the fruits of it: Share content by bloggers who haven’t been discovered yet. I don’t do it out of selfish motives. I just feet like doing it, but the success returns to you once you send it away ;-)
  3. Do more of the posts that performed best while giving you the best possible time: I noticed that people love my humor, my provocative and informal writing style as well as the more webmaster + blogger related content you can not only apply as a SEO while many have criticized that I do not prove my theories and do not offer data objectively enough.

    In fact I’m not a man of numbers, I a man of hearts. I love statistics but I still see the people behind them and I do not drill down or over-interpret numbers.

    When I have the impression that something works I do not need proof of that to believe it in an instant. That’s why I’m much quicker to react to current trends. More conservative people will wait until they got proof and then they’ll be late. Besides it’s the heart that makes anything in life worth living, not the head.

  4. Thus do write with the heart not with the head: Express a feeling in every post. Otherwise it’s just work. Show compassion. People read your blog not because of your information solely, after all they can get it in other places as well probably. They read because you are the one that connects the data with their emotions. be the most passionate blogger around in your niche. Then people will remember you: This is the gal or guy that really cares!
  5. Do not limit yourself: Like in life if you stick to the same niche like a robot you become like a robot. Blog off topic from time to time even if you loose some subscribers. Readers are not your clients. They have to accept you as a human being not a business partner. You do not sell anything on your blog, you give your knowledge for free. You share, you give away, you’re the Santa Claus of the information sphere. So you deserve to be treated and respected like a human being who not only cares for hers/his job or hobby but also has manifold other interests.

Of course you can set new goals in numbers too, get more than 1000 subscribers or such. Like my goal is still to be #1 in for SEO ;-) I was in the top 100, at least in Europe, after 2 months. So imagine what can happen after 2 years…

I digress. The 5 goals above are the more practical for anybody who is blogging successfully

Last updated: June 4th, 2015.