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When I started out on the Web in the late nineties it was full of enthusiasm and limitless possibilities. It was about equality, opportunity and technological utopia. Today corporate interests run paramount with gatekeepers like Google, Facebook, Apple building their own private Internet gated communities.

How to Prevent Content Decay Right from the Start

When I started writing this blog in 2007 I didn’t plan for the long term. All that counted was now. It worked fine for a year or maybe even two. By now it means work though plus a risk of getting caught with spreading nonsense or linking out to corrupted sites.

When Content is Tyrant – How to Break Free

I love writing so that content creation is a breeze for me. Most business people are overwhelmed when faced with the top down demand to create content for the Internet kings though. What can we do about it?

Are You a Poet, Artist, Designer, Content Creator or Bot?

when you sound generic like a bot you probably deserve to be replaced by one. Then without work you can spend your time in serenity and waste it on useless endeavors like poetry, art, design… wait a minute. Did I just make a full circle here?

Content Promotion Hacks from Pirates of the Pacific

I’d like to get the word out on three content promotion hacks for your content whether it’s already been published on your blog or is still in planning to be created in the future.

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