7 Unusual Ways to Use StumbleUpon

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As I already mentioned I got immediately addicted to StumbleUpon. As I’m a natural born social media poweruser I present to you 7 unusual or unexpected ways in which you can use StumbleUpon. SU is really versatile and I was surprised each time I discovered new features.

Use StumbleUpon as a mail client
Basically you can not only contact your friends on SU but anybody with an email address. Just go to Send to -> New email address and type it in.


As a social network
I do not use social networks extensively. I am on LinkedIn and XING, I tried Pownce to almost no avail. On StumbleUpon I gained many friends quickly. People who are interested in the same stuff or work in the same industry. It took just two weeks and I have 16 friends and 16 fans from all over the world. Here I meet other committed webmasters, social media power users and/or SEOs.

As a Twitter-like microblogging tool
Read this: http://onreact-com.stumbleupon.com/review/12530261/
As you can see you can also add simple blog posts to your SU blog. Just click “Post new blog“.

As a search engine
Did you know that you can actually search with SU? You can even add a search input into your StumbleUpon toolbar in the toolbar options.
Tools -> Toolbar Options -> Configuration -> “v” at Show search / tag box

As a discussion forum
Just visit the SEO groups discussion forum to know what I mean:

As a match maker
SU will find people that in some way match you, I don’t know the exact criteria though. Certainly it’s not your profession.

As a search enhancement
Use the StumbleUpon search enhancement and you will see right beside the search results how many stumblers rated a particular page, the more did the more stars you see. Moreover you can see the category in which a page was submitted. It’s very useful as you can filter out all this ugly SEO spam ;-) It works in all major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Ask.

You see, StumbleUpon is not just for idly stumbling pages, it’s a powerful multifaceted tool. I can’t live without it anymore.