7 Simple Blogging Inspiration Techniques

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Roofs and horizons is a Creative Commons licensed image by maistora.

Blogging on a daily basis requires a constant research for new topics to cover.

In order to search for new material you need to know what to search for in the first place.

Thus you need blogging inspiration as a prerequisite for creating blog content. I want to introduce to you 7 simple blogging inspiration techniques I use daily.

  1. Analyze your referers with Search Analytics. I use 103bees which even lists questions separately searchers put into Google to find your site. 103bees requires a one time fee but other free services are OK too.
  2. Check Twitter trends. You can do it quickly using a social news interface like Twitturly.com
  3. Just browse your favorite blogs. I start my day with browsing all kinds of blogs which are often just slightly relevant to what I blog about. Nonetheless I often get inspired or can spot a new trend. Whenever I look specifically I use Netvibes where I have a special tab for blogs about a single topic, green blogs, art blogs, SEO blogs.
  4. Venture outside the Web. Go for a walk, take a shower or read a magazine. The Web bombards you with information and makes you think very quickly. You can not focus long enough on any one single thought to get inspired. Paradoxically you need to go off line to blog better. Often on the way you’ll find the necessary ideas too.
  5. Interact with someone, even virtually. You need some idle chatter like you need something to eat and drink. Even the least important news can be inspiring, so the occasional tweet about eating habits is not just a waste of time.
  6. Check your old posts. Look up what you have written a week, a month or a year ago. Then follow up, update or change your mind. That’s often enough inspiration for a week.
  7. Do something random. Do something completely out of place each day. Type with your left hand instead of your right, eat a Pizza instead of a sandwich. Do some work out on the roof (but not if you work out there daily). Your brain has to adapt to the new situation and will create new synaptic connections. These connections will also allow a new flow of information inside your head.

What kind of simple inspirational technique do you use each day for blogging inspiration or just for fun? Tell me. I sometmes ask questions to get inspired too! ;-)