7 Services of SEO 2.0 Companies – Submit Your Site Now!

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Hello fellow SEO 2.0 specialists! In recent months I’ve seen some of you and your companies adopting the term SEO 2.0 for your websites. I’ve seen some of you offering SEO 2.0 services ranging from social media optimization, business blogging to SEO for Universal Search. Most of you though are still not outspoken enough about doing SEO 2.0!

I’m collecting SEO 2.0 companies for a while now in my bookmarks and I want to feature them in a list post. Now if you think that you are offering SEO 2.0 services you might be eligible to appear in my list. Think about what you do. If you offer more than just

  • keyword research,
  • on-page optimization
  • and link building

you are probably offering SEO 2.0 services without using the appropriate term. So come on, spam me with your links if you think you really do offer SEO 2.0. You probably do if you are into

  1. link baiting
  2. business blogging
  3. reputation management
  4. social media optimization
  5. viral content
  6. Universal Search (local SEO e.g)
  7. video SEO

Yeah, of course there is more to SEO 2.0 but these 7 services are most common in my opinion. Do you disagree? Spam me in the comments too! You comment, I follow. Submit your SEO 2.0 company site now!