Webmaster Tools, Services, and Products I Tested & Recommend

I have been testing some new webmaster tools, services and products useful not only for SEO purposes. Although most of them were more than useful I didn’t manage to review them thoroughly enough to really write about them. Nonetheless many of them are too good not to be mentioned and you should try them too.

Thus I want to recommend the following webmaster tools, services and products I tested over time:

Link Diagnosis
The Link Diagnosis tool allows you you to analyze who links you and how. This is great not only for your ego but also to find out where like minded people who you can cooperate with are to be found.

Raven SEO tools [Trial]
If you’re in the US this tools allow you to monitor your search engine rankings on a weekly basis and find out lots of other details relating to your website in order to optimize or popularize it. The Raven SEO tools are not just for SEOs. Make sure to check out their blog for additional know how transfer.

Bing Search Webmaster Tools
The Microsoft (MSN) Bing webmaster tools allow you to find out additional info about your URL. I like the data about links you can get using them.

Web Design For ROI book
Now this book will you make angry, sad and frustrated as after reading or even skimming through Web Design for ROI you will hate your current website. You will realize that you have done almost everything wrong with your website. So you should rather buy it in advance of a relaunch or redesign of your site.

It encompasses all the most important factors of SEO 2.0, design, usability, SEO which enable you to create a site with a user experience enhancing it’s overall success. The fine folks at Closed Loop Marketing send me a copy already months ago but I hoped to able to keep this secret know-how to myself. Not anymore, even Darren Rowse mentioned it.

RankSense SEO Software [Trial]
Now this piece of software by renown SEM expert Hamlet Batista represents a whole new generation of website optimization software. Either you’re an expert already or it will make you one. The interface is completely different from what you’re used to so at the beginning you will have to get used to it. It has very powerful functions I haven’t seen in any other webmaster or SEO software hitherto.

Now use them and start rocking!

Last updated January 28th, 2011: Now defunct tools removed.