Social Browsing Can Make the Web a Better Place

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StumbleUpon has been covered here on this blog quite a lot.

The decline of Digg seems unstoppable and many blogs by now have more visitors from Facebook and Twitter.

The Web is still a lonely place though. We’re still alone staring at the screen and often get angry for reasons we wouldn’t be in real life.

This is due to the lack of contact with other people during prolonged work hours at the screen. Sites like StumbleUpon do not really help here as the social aspect is still rudimentary. It’s more common that you get spammed or flamed than getting “social” with other people. Social networking is not really the answer here either.

Following people can be sometimes frustrating as well.

Browsing the Web with other people instead can be the solution. Social browsing is already here for years and in future people won’t believe how you could ever walk the Web alone instead of “web together”: Browzmi

Social browsing can make the Web a better place for sure. I’ve been using Browzmi for two years now and I still love it.

Last updated November 17th, 2010: Removed the other services as they are no longer functional.