Niche Social News Sites for Business People and Internet Pros

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While old school “one size fits all” social news sites like Digg lose more and more ground, great niche social news sites appear everywhere. Here are some niche social news sites business people and Internet pros should be aware of.

This is a site a few of the social news power users I know from elsewhere spend much time at. I like it very much.

Design Bump
They are around for a few months already and their not only design related news are a great inspiration.

LogoSauce is a site that has a very specific purpose and succeeds at it. Both logo designers and businesses looking for a logo find what they need.

This is an Internet marketing social news site that focuses on the “make money” niche which grows bigger and bigger it seems. I love the colors.

As more and more people, especially serious business people and Internet pros get banned or simply bored by Digg they look for better alternatives. They find more specific niche social news sites like the above.