5 More Design + Usability + SEO Articles: The Clean Dozen

Some of you might have already noticed: A guest post of mine called 7 Must Read Design + Usability + SEO Articles was published at the Small Business Hub blog.

As the target audience over there are not the hard core web developers, SEOs or early adopters we did not include some of the advanced or rather professional resources.

Now here they are, 5 more design + usability + SEO articles but please take a look at the 7 listed in the original list, otherwise it’s like reading a book skipping two thirds of it.

  1. First or rather #8 read Kim Krause Berg’s objection to #7 from the original list: Usability and SEO – Red Light, Green Light
  2. Then check out how usability experts work for large websites, Jens Meiert offers the ultmate methodology: 20 (Alternate) Ways to Focus on Users
  3. While at it, take a look how Google employees themselves deal with usability: Some Recent Google Papers on Usability and User Testing
  4. After that, imagine how users really feel when interacting with your site: How Do Users Really Feel About Your Design?
  5. If you’re still not an usability expert par excellance go pro with this list of PDF resources: UPA 2007: Patterns – Blueprints for Usability

So the clean dozen is complete. These 12 articles will make you improve the web like no other. Start now and keep till the break of dawn.

Btw. the first post was hugely popular on Digg until it was banned for being “SEO”.

So do usability and SEO get along? Yes, they do. The even prefer a threesome with design!