4 DIY SEO Resources: SEO Training, Tools, Software & WordPress friendly Hosting

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Some of you might have noticed: SEO 2.0 has has no ads by now. As I did not want to serve you spammy crap like Adsense I decided to advertise the Coudal way

I only recommend resources or services that I use/d yourself

As my target audience at my SEO 2.0 blog is you, the web savvy webmaster, blogger and social media user I decided to place strictly SEO related ads that will enable any webmaster to do DIY SEO on hers or his own.

For DIY SEO you want to do several aspects of SEO yourself:

Keyword research, Optimize your website (on page SEO), link building, monitor search engine rankings, keep up with current news and developments. Did I forget something?

So I introduce to you the 4 of the most essential DIY SEO resources you need, please take note that those use affiliate links, so if you buy those products or services you actually support SEO 2.0!

  1. The SEO Book by Aaron Wall: When I started doing SEO back in 2004 I did not know there was a SEO Book. When I finally found out, it was too late, I checked it and it is truly a must read for any beginner and intermediate user. After being a pro for two years I could only admit that this guy knows what he does, as do I.
    Aaron Wall then changed his business model to offer advanced SEO training for those who know SEO already to some extent. So now you don’t get a book but a membership for ongoing SEO training.
  2. Advanced SEO Tools by Raven – The Raven Internet Marketing Tools are a set of web based SEO and social media tools that allow you to optimize and monitor a set of websites over longer time periods.
    It’s basically a whole webware suite allowing you to check your rankings in the major search engines, link building tools such as link partner management and of course keyword research tools that spare you a lot of time and fuss. additional features include social media campaign oversight etc.
  3. Professional SEO Software Web CEO: What Raven does as webware, Web CEO does as Software. Web CEO is less advanced though. Instead it’s great for beginners.
    I used Web CEO for almost 2 years myself as a young SEO. You can download the free version which allows you to monitor a small number of keywords and offers you some fully functional other tools. Web CEO is, even in the free version, the best SEO software suite for small business users starting out in SEO who don’t want to learn everything by themselves.
  4. Dreamhost green web hosting with preinstalled WordPress: Dreamhost is not real SEO web hosting you might argue. As I said, I write for the average webmaster or blogger wanting to score better on Google or having more traffic. To do this you need affordable hosting and if you blog, a preinstalled WordPress. Dreamhost offers both.
    What’s most notable: It’s green! Dreamhost does not pollute mother earth with CO2. It uses clean energy unlike other hosts. I’ve used Dreamhost for years for a WordPress blog that had “too much traffic” prior to this. No problem here. Indeed a good friend of mine and a WordPress guru offered it to me for free “because I have so much web space and bandwith I can’t use it myself whatsoever. The price 8,95$.

So all in all, these 4 products and services allow to engage in do-it-yourself SEO and to prosper with your website or blog. DIY SEO is not difficult if you now HTML basics, just try it. It’s what Aaron Wall of SEO Book says: You do not need a SEO consultant unless you are not web savvy at all or you work in a very competitive market. In 70% of the cases DIY SEO will be sufficient I think.

I needed months and years to gather all that knowledge, you can learn SEO much faster using these resources.

That’s my goal: To create additional value for you by recommending those products and services that you might probably need and already look for in the quest for DIY SEO resources.

Last updated May 13, 2010. First published: September 14, 2007.