40 Cutting Edge Social Media & SEO Services to Invest in Now


Unless you lived under a rock for the last decade you already invest time and money in

  • web design
  • social media
  • SEO
  • analytics

services. The social media and SEO landscape is changing at an alarming pace though. What can you do about it? Invest in services that bring you ahead of the crowd.

This a a list of 40 Cutting Edge social media & SEO services to invest in now and in future.

To make it easier for you I sifted through hundreds of social media and SEO services offers to find you those that are reputable, where the descriptions are in-depth and make sense.

I tried hard not just to promote my friends from the industry so that I linked out to plenty of agencies that are lesser known but nonetheless look trustworthy.

  1. Reputation Management
  2. Mobile SEO
  3. mobile web design
  4. mobile analytics
  5. Siri optimization
  6. citation building
  7. Google Maps SEO
  8. Google profile optimization
  9. social media optimization
  10. social media participation
  11. social media monitoring
  12. social media analytics
  13. blogger outreach
  14. influencer marketing
  15. social media press releases
  16. word of mouth marketing
  17. viral marketing
  18. infographic creation
  19. video SEO
  20. YouTube channel management
  21. community management
  22. Facebook optimization
  23. Facebook page creation
  24. Google+ optimization
  25. Twitter ghostwriting
  26. Tumblr SEO
  27. UX (user experience design)
  28. load speed optimization
  29. conversion rate optimization
  30. a/b testing
  31. landing page optimization
  32. conversion tracking
  33. usability testing
  34. business blogging
  35. content strategy
  36. content creation
  37. content marketing
  38. ecommerce SEO
  39. shopping cart optimization
  40. international SEO


Of course you can’t invest in all these services at once unless you want to spend millions. You have to specialize. Choose a set of similar services and focus o them.

The services linked above are in most cases those that have explained what it’s all about in the best possible manner.

I have considered also numerous other factors before I linked each company. I don’t know all of them but many agencies mentioned are already established household names.

As you see I haven’t linked to all services yet as I haven’t found proper offers for some of them yet. In case you offer the above mentioned but not yet linked services and have an extra page with the exact description of the service add your URL in the comment section.

Personally I can help you with many of them as well. Feel free to approach me.


Last updated: June 24th, 2015: removed broken and misleading links.

* Creative Commons image by urbanfeel.