30+ Reasons Why Your Web Design, SEO, Web Hosting or Startup Company Should Advertise on my Blog

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After more than 3 years as a full time SEO consultant and 10 years in online publishing and 10 years writing for the web I realized that I can really write about just anything to make it popular. It’s the fervor or carazon as we Mexicans say ;-)

Even such a dull topic like SEO 70% of the population hates turns into gold if I touch it.

So basically I want to blog even more, not just for fun, this is about business blogging. To do that, I want to sell ads or offer advertising directly to companies:

  • Web design
  • SEO
  • web hosting
  • startup

companies and services will fit best for my highly educated and most probably affluent ;-) audience.

My readers are often SEOs who seldom master web design themselves so they need web designers and sometimes also coders to assist them. On the other hand not only SEOs read SEO 2.0, also people interested in SEO looking for services that simplify DIY SEO or allow to outsource it.

Many of my readers already use web hosting providers but many need more than one, some probably would try a new one if they get the right offers. As my readers are eager to try new Web services of all types any startup company will find here a very targeted audience.

Of course there are many reasons why you should advertise at SEO 2.0 so I’ve collected 30+ of them:

  1. My blog is black and white so an ad would be clearly visible
  2. I do not compete with you, not even for SEO in German – I’m a business blogger by now
  3. I am a renown social media power user and people trust me in Germany and globally
  4. Leading SEO experts, famous bloggers and SEO publications trust me and link to me too: Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch, Google Blogoscoped , Dosh Dosh, Bill Slawski, Andy Beard, WebMetricsGuru, Cornwall SEO, SmallBusinnesHub
  5. My blog posts have been translated into numerous languages
  6. My blogs get more and more popular, by now even on bad days I have around 500 visitors
  7. You pay me fixed prices
  8. You will be introduced as a Sponsor, Partner or whatever in a blog post, this blog post will appear high up in Google and be good for your reputation
  9. I do not advertise for crappy or controversial services, so your ad will appear in a good context
  10. Advertising with SEO 2.0 means you match my high ethical standards of white hat SEO so people will trust your brand
  11. Some people all me the Rand Fishkin of Germany
  12. If you want I will write a highly optimized article about your area of expertise, I am SEO 1.0 expert btw., say “SEO services” and your ad will be displayed above it (I am not talking about a paid review here, I just explain SEO services in the post)
  13. You can even display an all page ad for Google visitors for 10 seconds on posts like the above or others you choose to
  14. My traffic is 40% from the US, 10% UK, 7% India, 5% Canada, 5% Germany, 3% Australia…
  15. My bounce rate is below 50%
  16. I am a one of the top users on Sphinn
  17. Advertising on SEO 2.0 is still very cheap
  18. I love what I do and people know it
  19. I can write about SEO like nobody else can
  20. My readers are well known bloggers, Internet professionals, active social media users, early adopters, movers and shakers, industry leading specialists
  21. I can take any market by storm, even exotic ones like China or Iran!
  22. People love my Sombrero, basically they’ll love anything I do
  23. I’m in the Adage top 150 marketing blogs at around #150 without trying hard
  24. I have approx. 3000 subscribers
  25. My wife says I should stop wasting time blogging and make money!
  26. I rank for many SEO company related keywords so you get very targeted ad views
  27. You probably know me and trust me too already
  28. I rank in the top 10 for seo blog
  29. You just can’t withstand, I’m the cool SEO guy you always wanted to be but didn’t manage
  30. Limited number of advertisers the blog isn’t cluttered like other blogs with dozens of banners
  31. You get a discount if you pay in advance for half a year

So contact me now to advertise here (click here to write an email), the prices will probably go up as the supply and demand will be taken into account.

So if you offer web design, SEO, web hosting, Web 2.0 services or work for a company that does: Advertise here.

I have been asked to disclose the prices so that advertisers do not have the impression that I make them up depending on who they are. The more innovative ad formats and types have no prices though so I will talk with each potential advertiser to find the perfect solution.

Take note though: I do not sell links for their PageRank value. There is a SEO directory on SEO 2.0 so if I already know and trsut you I can add your company to it.

Last updated: August 27th, 2010.