12 Social Media Trends You Must Be Aware of

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CC: Please use revolving door by Thomas Hawk.

Social media is evolving, revolving and sometimes struggling. It seems there are trends which are there for a while now.

Some sites reflecting overall trends lose steam and die while others are born and/or accelerate.

Here is a dozen of them that are most important IMHO, 12 social media trends you must be aware of:

  1. Twitter, Twitter and Twitter for business, journalism and blogging
  2. Meta social media sites, who needs Digg when there is a Twitter Digg-like interface ?
  3. Image Bookmarking, forget the image section, image only social sites boom
  4. Site, blog and WordPress integration, TweetSuite being the most advanced
  5. Consolidation: Inspite of booming microblogging Pownce and Jaiku died.
  6. Niche social media sites by the hundreds, for every niche there is a smaller one
  7. Social browsing 2.0, StumbleUpon is around since 2002. What’s new?
  8. Monetization, security and privacy disasters, companies will sell your data!
  9. Viral marketing replaces one time link baiting, viral campaigns go on as long as they do
  10. Online Reputation Management is main stream, everybody does that
  11. Location based services, where are you, where are your friends?
  12. Mobile social media, Twitter on the iPhone is prehistoric by now it seems

Of course I’m biased. I left out music social media which are booming too for example. Also I ignored video here but it’s similar to microblogging, I sense some consolidation (Google discontinues Google Video) and blog integration is a must by now.

What else is there to mention? Tell me. I want to see more than 12 social media trends you must be aware of below.