12 Awesome SEO & Internet Marketing Resources from my Blog Readers

SEO 2.0 is for real. I practice what I preach. It’s not just talk to make more people follow me. I really visit every blog or site that my readers and commentators enter in the “website” input when they comment. I also really look out for great content on their blogs and sites and when I like it

  • I +1 it
  • share it
  • link to it.

It’s not just something I have written about in my 101 ways to succeed at blogging flagship post. It’s not just a tactic or technique.

In late 2010 I was a bit disappointed. Many people considered this blog just another “dofollow link”. So I moderated comments even more strictly this year to separate the wheat from the chaff. Now I can reap the rewards it seems.

There are so many great bloggers reading SEO 2.0 and even commenting here or pinging me that I have to share their awesome resources.

I’m really impressed. These are bloggers nobody has ever heard of and who have probably just a few readers each but they deserve lots of them. I hope this article helps to grow their audience.

These 12 awesome posts are about SEO and adjacent Internet marketing topics, I haven’t even included my offtopic readers. I’m proud of you people, you are really getting it. You are doing it right. I see a bright future for all of the below mentioned or rather linked bloggers:

  1. Measuring SEO Success
  2. SEO You Should Know: Why We Blog.
  3. How Does Google Panda Change the SEO Landscape?
  4. How to Calculate the ROI on a Small Business Website
  5. Where to Find Links That Build Trust and Improve Search Engine Ranking
  6. How to Pitch SEO – #BrightonSEO 2011
  7. Identifying “Low-Hanging Fruit” Keywords: The First Step
  8. 4 Common SEO Errors to Avoid
  9. SEO most effective for lead generation
  10. Conversion optimisation testing – how does it work?
  11. Copywriting myths: the 12 most persuasive words in the English Language
  12. Social Media and Assumed Consent | LinkedIn Steps in it


I think I got used too much to reading the same sources over and over. After a while you just visit the same few sites. You lose out on the myriad of great bloggers who haven’t yet been discovered by everybody else but who nonetheless contribute really valuable resources for the SEO industry and beyond. I will be more open minded in future again.