1000 Pages Liked on StumbleUpon


While on my StumbleUpon home page I noticed that today is the day “I liked more than 1000 pages” on SU. I guess I stumbled more than 1000 but not significantly as I do not stumble pages I dislike in the first place. Why? I am not using the toolbar anymore as some of you might remember.

1000 might not be much, I also liked 12 videos and 107 photos, but I quite often write reviews. I have no idea how to count the review vs just “thumbs up” ratio but I guess somewhere between 40 and 50% are reviews. I will review really outstanding stuff and stumble the “only great” stuff. Moreover I needed just a little less than two months to achieve that.

I joined SU on August 26th, today is October 23rd.

To mark this “anniversary” (how do you say “month” in Latin, as no “anni” are involved yet?) I present to you my stumbles #999 – 1001:

I’m still not sure what to think about it. The more you stumble and the more friends you get the more difficult it gets to gain traffic via SU as your friends are not counted as much as neutral votes. So I attempted to curb my StumbleUpon addiction: To no avail in fact.

  1. What do you think?
  2. Do you also read my SU blog?
  3. Should I stumble less and write more?