New Must Read SEO, Online Marketing and Web Development Blogs

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Recently I promised you in the 7 Things Obama Taught Me post to become less selfish and to promote other outstanding bloggers again like I did in the early days of SEO 2.0 quite often.

It took just a few days to compile a list of new must read SEO, online marketing and web development blogs.

Here they are, I assume that most of them have started in 2008 so they aren’t even one year old:

  1. TwiTip
  3. Online Marketing Banter
  4. Josh Klein Web Strategy
  5. Janet Fouts
  6. Traffikd
  7. Six Revisions

I won’t describe them in depth as you will probably click yourself before reading anyways. All of those SEO, online marketing and web development bloggers have one thing common, a bright future. I know, I can spot trends like no other.

Did I miss some outstanding newcomer? I bet I have, I know there are some more buried in my bookmarks.